Welcome To Castlemore Advanced Therapeutics

We are here to help you enjoy your life and be pain free! To make an appointment please call us today at (905) 794-9922. Our team is dedicated to provide you with one on one hands on care focused on helping you feel better and achieve all your goals and return to a normal pain free life.


We Are Committed To Providing You Quality Care

Our team is committed to providing you the best care and we are honored to be part of the preferred provider network for companies such as TD Insurance. These networks consist of clinics across the country that set high standards for their providers, including clinical expertise, professional ethics and a commitment to provide the best and most efficient care in order to optimize patient outcomes. Furthermore, our team has been recognized as a preferred service provider by a number of local family physicians and health professionals who have seen first hand how our services have assisted patients achieve their goals.


Before Your First Visit

  • Make a list of questions you would like to discuss on your visit
  • List signs and symptoms that can be of importance to the therapist
  • Please let us know of key past medical history, previous treatments, current medications, and other important information
  • Please verify your insurance benefits and set yourself up for online direct billing if your carrier provides this service
  • ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY to your first appointment in order to fill out intake forms
  • Bring with you a copy of your insurance information and a photo ID


What To Expect On Your First Visit

  • Upon entering our clinic through Castlemore Health Centre/Pharmasave you will be greeted by our friendly front office staff. They will give you the appropriate paper work to fill out for your first treatment session. Please take time in review the informed consent forms and cancellation policies.
  • Next you will meet with your therapist (Physio/RMT/Chiro) for the initial evaluation and/or treatment
  • During the evaluation your therapist will ask questions about your medical history, current injury and pain sites. Open communication with your therapist helps us better understand your problems
  • Your movement, strength, coordination and much more will be evaluated. If you feel any discomfort or relief at any time please inform your examiner so we may better understand your injury.
  • Your therapist will recommend and prepare a course of treatments to assist in your recovery. They may also give you exercises and other self management techniques to perform at home. Please try your best to follow these recommendations as they will assist in your recovery.
  • Most initial assessment will come with treatments (ie. Massage Therapy) however depending on the complexity of your condition, your Physiotherapist/ Chiropractor may require more time assessing you before commencing treatment. On your second session you will get into the full swing of your treatment plan.
  • We encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment plan as our therapists are happy to shed light on any things you are unsure of.
  • You will schedule your next appointments with front desk depending on the recommendations from your therapist.
  • We recommend that you book your appointments in advance as our appointments book up quickly and we want to ensure that you are able to benefit from our services conveniently.

If you have any questions at anytime, please do not hesitate to call us. We want to ensure your satisfaction and full recovery. Feel free to send us any feedback at [email protected]